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Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Massage

Pampered Pony Massage offers Equine bodywork services to Upstate South Carolina and surrounding areas. There are many benefits of massage for your horse. Some of these include: releasing tension in muscles helping the horse to relax; increasing blood flow and nutrients to the muscles to promote healing; increasing the circulation of endorphins, which are the body's natural pain killers; increasing range of motion and flexibility in the muscles and joints; and assisting in keeping the body balanced

All of these benefits will help you to train harder, prevent soreness and injuries, shorten recovery time, and improve your horse's overall performance.

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Ali Hill has been a human physical therapist for 25 years specializing in orthopedic rehab. Nine years ago she decided she wanted to learn how to ride a horse and she has been hooked ever since. After purchasing her first horse she realized the equine athlete needed just as much attention to their body as the human athlete. Even though the horse can't verbalize what's wrong, they can still tell you in many different ways. One of these ways is through muscle tension and trigger points. Since Ali had been treating muscle ailments in humans for many years, getting certified in equine bodywork was the perfect way to meld her skills and knowledge about the human body with her passion for horses. She's very excited to help you keep your equine partner happy and healthy for years to come.


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Spring Show Special

$5 off a full body massage for your equine partner when you register for any Spring horse show. Proof of registration required at time of body work session. Promotion ends 4/30/2022.


Deek's Review

You have made such difference in my horse. He's not as stiff in his neck and barrel. Deeks enjoys the massage very much.

– Maxine & Deeks

Poncho's Review

Ali has massaged my horse Poncho 3 times now. She knows the right spots to work on and he loves it. He relaxes and is looser to ride afterwards. Ali is professional and knowledgeable. Pocho will continue to get massages from her. I see this as part of good horse care.

– Bev & Poncho

Romeo's Review

Ali is my horse, Romeo's massage therapist and he loves her! She has a wonderful connection with the horses and her knowledge of what she can feel with her hands and fingers is amazing. Romeo has been treated by Ali for several months now and her treatment has helped him to become more supple and relaxed in his body. She has also taught me several things I can do for him before and after we ride which has also lead him to being much happier "in work." Both he and I highly recommend Ali for your horses bodywork!

– Tracy & Romeo


Ali is personable as well as knowledgeable. My favorite part is her feedback during and after the horse massage and the tailored exercises that she recommends for your horse afterwards to help support your equine athlete. Thanks, Ali!

– SB, Grace, & Charm


Ali was such a pleasure to work with! Her presence is so calming and she was extremely patience when working with my 30 year old thoroughbred CC. She was amazing about verbally communicating with my horse to keep him at ease but she also walked me through what she was feeling. She also provided me with some homework so I could continue to work on his suppleness. I contribute her helping hands to why I am still able to ride CC at age 30 and him acting like a young horse!

– Lindsay & CC

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